Vendor Roster for July 23rd

Vendor Roster for July 23rd

Montavilla Farmers Market vendors take pride in providing a unique, high-quality product that is grown, raised, harvested, gathered or produced locally for our community. We’re looking forward to a vibrant year, and hope to see you at the market soon!

Is your favorite farmer or producer missing from our lineup? Tell them you’d love to see them at Montavilla and to apply to be a vendor. We are still accepting applications for 2017. Check back often to see who’s coming!

Vendor Highlights for Sunday, July 23rd:

It’s the height of summer and the market is set to burst with all the summer favorites starting to show up now:

  • peaches and soon nectarines
  • tomatoes of every stripe and variety
  • sweet corn on the cob
  • green beans
  • pasture fresh eggs
  • basil and tulsi
  • blueberries
  • huge heads of lettuce from bitter escaroles to cool & crisp iceberg
  • blackberries, marionberries, raspberries
  • breakfast radishes
  • English cucumbers and pickling cukes
  • sunflowers and dahlias
  • patty pan, crookneck, and globe zucchini

Don’t miss a market day or you’re missing summer!

Farmers & Orchardists

Flower & Starts Growers

  • C. Chang Farm
  • Sunrise Family Farm

Grains & Beans

Fishers & Ranchers

(M)eat, (F)ish, (D)airy, (E)ggs


Bakers & Confectionists

Processors & Preservers

Brewers, Distillers, & Vintners


Knife Sharpening

Vendors who are done for the season

We miss you!