Vendor Roster for October 2nd

Vendor Roster for October 2nd

Montavilla Farmers Market vendors take pride in providing a unique, high-quality product that is grown, raised, harvested, gathered or produced locally for our community. We can’t wait to see you at the market!

Is your favorite farmer or producer missing from our lineup? Tell them to apply to be a vendor.

Vendor highlights for October 2nd

TBees Honey has ambrosia!  Also called royal jelly, ambrosia is a cell rejuvinator, which means it’s great for fighting off infection and disease. It also comes with a free jar of honey!

Alongside apples and ciders, Baird Family Orchards is now carrying a variety of jams made from their fruit.

Deck Family Farm is pleased to offer lard and tallow, rendered from their humanely-raised animals. Lard and tallow are great for cooking and baking, and are a staple for anyone following a paleo diet.

Pumpkins have arrives at Fiddlehead Farm, perfect for fall pies!  And check out their beautiful heirloom Italian eggplants, available for another week or two!

If you though ginger was an exotic spice grown only in foreign lands, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it at Denison Farms this week!  You might also find a limited amount of fresh turmeric, too.

Try a butternut squash pie from Sweetheart Bake Shop! Made from locally-sourced squash, it is sweet and spiced, with a delicious pudding-like filling.

Fall mushrooms have arrived at Anahuac Produce. Stop by for locally-foraged chanterelles and lobster mushrooms.

And Felton and Mary’s Artisan Foods is back with their spicy, smoky, and savory BBQ sauces and spice rubs, based on the recipes Tory’s grandparents created at Campbell’s BBQ restaurant. They’re on a once a month schedule with MFM now, so don’t miss them this Sunday or you’re out of luck until November.

Thanks to MFM volunteers, Leslie Sullivan and Lisa Waters, for this week’s highlights and pictures. Learn how you can volunteer at the market!

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