Vendor Roster for July 2nd

Portland Ashwagandha Farm, by Rebecca Andersson.

Vendor Roster for July 2nd

Montavilla Farmers Market vendors take pride in providing a unique, high-quality product that is grown, raised, harvested, gathered or produced locally for our community. We’re looking forward to a vibrant year, and hope to see you at the market soon!

Is your favorite farmer or producer missing from our lineup? Tell them you’d love to see them at Montavilla and to apply to be a vendor. We are still accepting applications for 2017. Check back often to see who’s coming!

Vendor Highlights for Sunday, July 2nd:

Portland Ashwagandha Farm grows, well, Ashwagandha! It’s an Indian ginseng root, and they bring it to the market in the form of tinctures. It comes in specific blends that promote mental clarity and memory function, relaxation and strength.

King’s Raven Winery, by Desiree Moore

King’s Raven is a small, family owned winery. Since 1999 they’ve been producing unique and award-winning German and French style wines. All of their reds and whites are estate grown. Try the Phoenix — it’s an exclusive grape in that very few U.S. wineries are growing and using to produce wine commercially. You can find King’s Raven at the market, or visit them at their tasting room in Oregon City.

Red Bird Acres proudly sells Freedom Ranger chickens, a French variety of bird that’s great roasted with seasonal veggies. The leftover bones can then be used to make a flavorful stock. Watch for a variety of pork cuts coming to the market this summer as well.

Amaro’s Produce, by Rebecca Andersson

Amaro’s Produce hasn’t sought organic certification, but do use organic methods. They are a family-run operation whose kids are growing up on the farm and in the fields, so Reyna and Sabino use growing methods that keep them, you, and the environment healthy and safe. They are a four-season farm located in Forest Grove that not only sells beautiful leafy greens and berries, but also brings chicken, duck and turkey eggs to the markets.

Blueberries are beginning to appear at the market now — look for them at Albeke Farms and Amaro’s Produce. Simplicity Gardens and Denison Farms have blackberries and gooseberries. And Lazy Y Ranch will be back this week with Mindy’s non-tomato based “truth serum” hot sauces!

Thanks to MFM volunteers, Ashley McClellan and Kathy Kornei, for writing this week’s highlights from our vendors, and to our editor Jeannette Sager. Photo thanks go out to Rebecca Andersson. Learn all the ways you, too, can join in and contribute as a volunteer at the market!

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