Vendor Roster for June 17, 2018

Vendor Roster for June 17, 2018

First and foremost, do not worry — we still have coffee!  Nectar Cafe has moved their caffeinated deliciousness to the other side of the Market, by the corner of 79th and Stark.

We are happy to welcome Baird Family Orchards back this season! Baird’s has land in both Dayton, Oregon, and  Maryhill, Wa. This week they’ll be bringing piles of dark, juicy Chelan cherries in from the Columbia Gorge.  Chelan is an early season cherry that was developed by a researcher at Washington State University. The fruit is about 16% sugar, which is why is makes for such amazing eating!

Do you love to bake? Lil’ Starts had some of the most beautiful, hard-to-find sour cherries last week. They said they may again on Sunday, if the birds decide to leave us a few..!

Fresh Blends NW joins us this week with their newest product, a soothing and rejuvenating herbal tea. It is made with organic tulsi, echinacea, damiana and lemon balm. Tulsi, also know as Holy Basil, is a remedy for adrenal fatigue and unbalanced blood sugar; it also provides protection against environmental toxins. Echinacea is well know for its anti-bacterial and immune-strengthening properties. Damiana is a mood enhancer. And lemon balm calms, uplifts, and provides sweetness and flavor. What can we say? This is one heck of a blend — delicious, and good for you too!

Let’s not forget to celebrate our wonderful Montavilla Dads!  Thomas & Sons Distillery will have botanical spirits that are sure to please. These unique and complex spirits are made from Townsend teas — the gin is distilled from Silver Tip Jasmine green tea, lavender flowers, chamomile blossoms, and juniper berries. (Oh…yeah.)  Or grab some hand-made, locally sourced sausages from Scratch Meats for Dad to throw on the grill. These sausages are made NW meats and all natural ingredients and  are…freakin’…good!  And both Chang’s and Sunrise Family Farm will have plenty of flowers for Dad as well!

We are still in the thick of strawberry season! Between Denison Farms, Albeke Farms, Yolkan Farm and others, there will be several varieties of strawberries available at the Market.  And Maryhill Fruit Company will delight with early season peaches, cherries, and globe artichokes.

Glasrai Farm will have broccoli spigarello (a sweet, mild green that never gets bitter like its brassica cousins), frisee, and shungiku. Shungiku is an Asian green with a fresh and astringent taste. The leaves are traditionally used in hot pot. The stalks are fabulous in salad and stir-fry. And the bright yellow chrysanthemum flowers are edible as well!

Montavilla Farmers Market vendors take pride in providing a unique, high-quality product that is grown, raised, harvested, gathered or produced locally for our community. Come enjoy Oregon’s and Washington’s bounty of fresh, local produce and fruit, baked goods, natural meats, flowers & garden starts, local cheese, wine, preserves, eggs, and more. See  you at the Market!

Is your favorite farmer or producer missing from our lineup? Tell them you’d love to see them at Montavilla and to apply to be a vendor. We are still accepting applications for 2018. Check back often to see who’s coming!

(Photo by Robin Mokulehua)


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