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IMG_2366We are a producer-direct market whose vendors take pride in providing a unique, high-quality product that is grown, raised, harvested, gathered or produced locally for our community. Our vendors and customers alike often remark on the cozy, neighborhood feel of our growing market. On market day, there is a palpable energy between shoppers, vendors, market staff and volunteers. This enjoyment of the market experience is why we love Montavilla Farmers Market.

DATES for the 2019-2020 season
Every week, May 5th through October 27th, 2019
Monthly winter stock-up markets on: November 24th and December 22nd 2019, and January 12th and February 9th 2020.

All markets are open from 10:00 am - 2:00 pm.

7700 block of SE Stark Street in the gravel lot across from Mr. Plywood, where it has been successful for 13 seasons. The property was sold in May 2018, and the new owner has invited the market to stay through 2020.

MFM evaluates a vendor product/producer on the following characteristics when determining acceptance:

  • products grown and harvested locally by the vendor
  • locally sourced ingredients (bought direct from the farmer)
  • striving to use environmentally responsible and sustainable production methods
  • offerings based on availability within natural season of growth
  • artisan production and uniqueness of processor
  • minimal packaging with lowest impact materials
  • reduction/avoidance of genetically modified-containing ingredients
  • no use of growth hormone
  • returning vendors that are in good standing with the organization


  • To vendors interested in applying for the current winter stock-up markets on 12/23, 1/13, and 2/11: You may use our application currently available.
  • To vendors interested in our 2019 summer season: please sit tight until January 2nd! The Priority Application Period for the 2019/2020 season runs January 2nd – January 16th, 2019. Applicants applying during this time will be notified of their status by January 31st, 2019. After that time, the application will re-open on February 19th, 2019 on a rolling basis and vendor applicants will be contacted only if space and category become available.

All applicants must read the MFM Vendor Handbook before applying. Please review it thoroughly and use the checklist on page 4 as guide for submitting a complete application -- which could include the addition of a secondary product application, an ingredient sourcing form, and scheduling a product jury -- depending on what type of vendor you may be.

The vendor handbook is where you'll find details about the types of food businesses that may vend at MFM, vendor stall fees and payments plans, accepting market tokens, plus all on-site logistics for market day. Vendors and their on-site market staff are expected to have read the entire handbook and have working knowledge of the policies and expectations contained within it.

Vendor Application Links:

Helpful links for preparing to bring your product to market: