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July 7, 2011 |  by  |  Vendor Profiles

Sometimes life is full of sweet surprises.

Remember those beautiful mosaics you made when you were a kid? The art project where you took as much elbow macaroni and dried beans as you could get your finger-paint stained hands on, smothered them in glue, and made a portrait of the family cat? Remember that?

It was great. Really.

But there’s more you can do with beans these days, and The Better Bean Company is ready to prove that delicious, spiced beans don’t come from a can, and don’t need to be relegated to the art table, despite your great work of kid-art.

The Better Bean Company specializes in gourmet, freshly prepared beans as an alternative to the mushy, canned beans we see on grocery store shelves. With products like spiced, Refried Black Beans, Refried Red Beans, and Caribbean Style Beans, The Better Bean Company is on the fast track to affirm that their beans are anything but boring. And they’re doing it with local flavor too.

The Better Bean Company’s black beans come from Oregon’s Snake River Valley, and red beans from Idaho’s Magic Valley. Once cooked, the beans are then sautéed with spices and safflower oil from Central Oregon.

So go ahead and rejoice locavores, The Better Bean Company is proving that locally sourced food is not only good for you, it tastes better too. And while that may not be a surprise for some, it still tastes just as sweet.

-Nicolette Smith

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  1. Nicolette,

    thank you for the kinds comments about Better Bean. We really appreciate your support and we love the Montavilla farmers market.


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