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August 25, 2011 |  by  |  Vendor Profiles
It all started at a winter stock-up market in February, 2011.Instant love.

Not just for the gorgeous produce, the dedicated farmers, or the promise of spring ahead, it was instant love for the entire community of Montavilla. Love that still drives Sweet Chaos’ founders and neighborhood residents Susan and Stephanie to make some of the most decadent and innovative brownies in all of Portland.

But it’s not just the brownie market they’re after.

Sweet Chaos specializes in gourmet brownies and exotically flavored cookies that range from the more traditional- deep chocolate brownie with chocolate and butterscotch chips anyone?- to the absolutely unique- blueberry goat cheese with lemon, Asian five spice with wasabi ganache, even brownies featuring Montavilla’s own Fat Dog Mustard.

With backgrounds in politics and insurance, Susan and Stephanie were ready for the challenges of running their own small business. And while making sure Sweet Chaos’ name gets out to the public can be difficult, the rewards make it all worth it, noting the frequent “mind-blown” look they get from customers’ faces after biting into one of their treats.

Staying inspired is part of the game at Sweet Chaos, so Susan and Stephanie pay close attention to their surroundings for new ideas and creative combinations. They look for colors and textures in everyday objects, and remember places they have been or foods they love for new inspiration. They even have an extensive menu of adult, “drunken” varieties for a boozier brownie.

While Sweet Chaos may not yet have an official store front in the Portland area, you can find their delicious, sweet treats at the Montavilla Farmers Market every Sunday or at Tabor Market on Saturdays. Sweet Chaos also delivers to the Portland Metro area and will ship treats almost anywhere.

If there’s a lesson to be learned from giving in to your sweet-tooth cravings with Sweet Chaos, it’s this: Susan and Stephanie really do make chaos sweet, especially when covered in chocolate, toffee, and butterscotch.

-Nicolette Smith

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  1. I absolutely love Sweet Chaos, not to mention that Susan and Stephanie are both amazing.

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