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August 10, 2011 |  by  |  Vendor Profiles

After a simple cooking demo, a self-proclaimed “English major from Ohio” fell madly in love with the Montavilla Farmers Market.

And we’re all better for it.

Tressa Yellig, the brains and inspiration behind Montavilla’s Salt, Fire & Time believes in creating good food; food that is made with patience, love, and wisdom passed down from generations before us. For Tressa, this wisdom came in the form of a German grandmother who showed her love through translucent strudels and slow-cooked, homemade food.

Having a small business isn’t easy, and when asked what her biggest challenges are and what keeps her going, Tressa brings it all back to the community and the healing power of natural foods, “The business works as a prepared foods grocery and a traditional foods cooking school and it’s always struggling with getting the word out to create greater transparency and access to these healing foods. Building community, empowering people to trust their “gut” in the kitchen and offering them, sometimes for the first time, a positive experience of the food they eat is what drives me and reminds me that this is the future of food. I teach people how to restore their relationship to the food world they are already a part of.”

While Salt, Fire & Time is a one-woman show, Tressa feels happy and supported from a strong group of food-loving volunteers. Not only does Tressa create delicious, small-batch foods, she also is responsible for bringing the first Community Supported Kitchen (CSK) to the Portland area located on NW 24th ave.

Every Sunday, you can find Tressa and her grocery of traditional, healing foods at the Montavilla Farmers Market. Drop by for fermented, old world cuisine, cultured dairy, lacto fermented sodas, kombucha, granola, and “full fat everything”. And if you miss her on Sunday, stop by her shop or visit her website for the most up to date information on classes, events, and small-batch, culinary magic.

Nicolette Smith


  1. Great article, Nicolette! We support ANYONE from Ohio!

  2. Tressa and her culinary passion are such a gift to our community!

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