Office Volunteer Positions

Assist behind the scenes with both in person and virtual volunteer opportunities.

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Token Counter

Sundays 4-5:30 pm
Each week after the market we spend a lot of time counting tokens in order to reimburse vendors. It takes patience and attention to detail, but it’s also fun, I swear! Come join me (volunteer coordinator Katie) at my house for a token counting party after the market at 4 pm on Sundays. I’ll bring some goodies to munch on from the market that day, and you can pick the music.

Data Entry Specialist

Virtual Volunteer Opportunity
Each week after the market we have data to enter into our databases. If you have a free hour or two on Sunday evenings or Monday mornings, volunteer by getting cozy with your computer, our hand-written lists, & perhaps a furry companion or a cup of tea, and enter the data into a spreadsheet. (This is a virtual volunteer opportunity.)

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