At-Market Volunteer Positions

Volunteers setting up tents before the market starts.

Volunteering Sundays at market is a wonderful way to get involved! Our volunteer community is welcoming, friendly, and excited to get to know you. Help keep the market running like a well-oiled machine by volunteering anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours.

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Set Up / Tear Down Crew Member

Set up 9-10 am; Tear down 2-2:45 pm
Each market day we set up and tear down the customer seating area, info booth, and any special events. Come join the friendly team who does this behind-the-scenes work! (Note that this position does include some lifting.)

Vendor Support

11:30 am – 12:30 pm
This position offers any needed assistance to vendors such as a bathroom break or water bottle refill. (Walking around for an hour talking to vendors and customers? Sounds like a good time to me!)

Volunteering at the info booth.

Info Booth Assistant

10 am – 12 pm; 12 pm – 2pm
Be the face of the market! Info booth assistants staff the info booth, answering customer questions, selling merchandise, and generally helping out as needed. Are you new to MFM or to volunteering with us? This is a perfect opportunity for you to learn and get acquainted with the market!

Customer Counter

15 minute shifts: :20-:35 each hour during market
Each hour for 10 minutes we count the number of customers who enter the market. This gives us an estimate for the number of customers who attended the market each day allowing us to track attendance and view market trends. These are 15-minute shifts — great if you have just a small amount of time to volunteer before or after you shop for the day!

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