Product Jury Submittal Instructions

Time and location

The Priority Application Period runs from January 2nd – January 16th, 2019. Applicants applying during this time will be juried in late January, 2019.

Applicants applying after the Priority Application Period will be juried only as vendor space and category become available at the market. After you apply, the market manager will be in contact to schedule your jury.

For all jury days, please bring your samples to the market, located in the gravel parking lot on the 7700 block of SE Stark Street. Drive directly on-site, the market manager will be waiting at the market’s storage barn to pick up your items. Drop off takes about 10-15 minutes; vendor applicants do not stay to be present for the jury committee’s product tasting. The market manager will send you a summary of their reviews, and the results of your application, within a week from your jury.


A jury is required as part of your application, please email the market manager at manager[at] to confirm you’re able to attend.

Ingredient sourcing form

You MUST submit an ingredient sourcing form at the same time you submit your vendor application. If your ingredients form isn’t received at least 48 hours before before product drop off, you will not be able to participate in the jury. The form is available here:

What to bring

Products should be submitted packaged and labeled as they will be sold at market. Each type of product you offer must be juried. However, there’s no need to include every possible flavor of a product — one that is typical is great. Depending on the type and size of products you offer, note that we will have six to eight jury members present on the committee, and enough for two tastes of each product for each jury member will be needed.

Please have your products assembled for ease of transport as they will be taken to the jury committee meeting at another location. Provide a cooler or other packaging for anything that needs to be kept cold or hot until the jury can do the tasting. (Arrangements will be made to return it to you later.)

Drop-off is a great time to discuss details and see the market site. Please come with any questions you may have. On behalf of MFM jury committee, we look forward to reviewing your products. Thank you for your time and interest in applying for the market!