Tamale pre-orders for Thanksgiving -- by Michael Coiner

Mixteca Catering, photo by Ollie Stackhouse

Tamale pre-orders for Thanksgiving — by Michael Coiner

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When you really think about it, turkey does not have to be the Thanksgiving centerpiece. With so many delicious foods available at the market, it could be anything. If you feel like something tamale-related for dinner instead, talk with Antonio at Mixteca Catering. He and his family (with mother Doña Paula as chef) will create magnificent tamales for you. At the next market on November 19th, they will be offering pre-orders of their small tamales for $30 a dozen. Get in touch with the Mixteca team at Facebook, the Mixteca website, or call (503) 395-7022 to order yours!

In addition to Thanksgiving dinner, Mixteca is also a great place to stop for lunch at the market. This week they’ll be offering champurrado — this delicious drink is made how grandma used to make it, using masa de nixtamal. Mixteca’s is all natural and organic masa from Three Sisters Nixtamal. Two more items of note on their menu are the Oaxaqueño tamale and the Mole Plate. The Oaxaqueño contains chicken and Doña Paula’s special mole sauce. The Mole Plate includes roasted chicken, mole sauce, rice, black beans, mixteca salad, and is served with a blue corn tortilla. The scents coming from their corner of the farmer’s market are positively intoxicating. It is a must see!

Mixteca is based in the Portland Mercado not far from Montavilla, so if you’d like to see them for lunch on other days of the week, feel free to stop by.

Vegg-o-lantern Stencils

Vegg-o-lantern Stencils

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Halloween’s almost here and it’s time to pick out your pumpkin! Come to the market to find a wide variety of squash, good for eating — and carving. From the traditional jack-o’-lantern and ghost pumpkins, to kabocha and kuri, MFM’s farms are bringing pumpkins in all shapes and colors. You’re sure to find a unique canvas that will set your carving apart from the crowd.

Check out our free pumpkin carving ideas with a farmers market twist!

  1. Get a copy of your stencil at the market when you buy your pumpkin, or click to download and print your stencils.
  2. Tape onto pumpkin.
  3. CAREFULLY poke holes along the dashed lines with a skewer or knife to make cutting easier.
  4. Cut along the dashed line and remove unused pieces (compost!).
  5. Place tea lights or glow sticks in pumpkin so it will glow in the dark!

Don’t forget to take photos of your finished pumpkin! Share on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter with the hashtag #MFMVeggolantern