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Expert knife sharpening by local blacksmith Arnon Kartmazov!

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arnonMontavilla’s own Arnon Kartmazov of Bridgetown Forge is back at the Market.

Arnon will be taking orders Sunday, Aug 11th to sharpen just about anything with a blade! Be prepared to leave your knives with Arnon, to be returned in about a week. Here’s a few words from Arnon about his practices:

“Having lived and apprenticed in Japan for a long time, my attitude to knife-making and knife sharpening is somewhat different from that commonly found in the West nowadays, as what is considered “sharp” in Japan is an entirely different ballgame.  Japanese knife blades tend to be quite a bit harder and thinner then their Western counterparts, and consequently their steel, construction and geometry also sets them apart. This makes it necessary to have a different approach to sharpening a knife:  what a sushi chef finds acceptable is beyond running a steel rod on the edge, Arnon says.

To sharpen a knife properly, it’s first checked for straightness; any crookedness is corrected if possible. Next, wear on the blade is checked; if the knife has been sharpened a lot, it needs to be thinned out to restore its original geometry. This is done on a 3-foot diameter Japanese water stone, which allows for smooth, accurate grinding without heating the blade and damaging the temper. The knife is then polished on a sequence of polishing wheels and belts, and finally hand-honed on a Japanese water-stone to a true razor sharpness.”

Join us for a fun new feature: Taste of the Market!

Join us for a fun new feature: Taste of the Market!

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MFM presents a new way to get to know the freshest produce. This coming weekend, you can find a brand new feature at the MFM. We’re calling it “Taste of the Market.”

In the center of the lot, among the tables and chairs, we’ll be sampling some of the latest and greatest produce in all the varieties available at the market that day. We hope it’s a way for our community to learn firsthand about the great Oregon bounty our growers have to offer.

And what better way to start out than with strawberries! Come taste, learn, and vote for your favorite. If you find something you’d like, we’ll be able to tell you which growers can sell you a pint or three to take home.

Just in case you need some ideas, here are some great strawberry recipes you can use them for:

The possibilities are endless. See you at the market!