Volunteers in the Spotlight: Mary Kate McVey & Neil Mattson

Volunteers in the Spotlight: Mary Kate McVey & Neil Mattson

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Ever wonder how everything gets set up for market day? With a small staff, we have volunteers like Neil and Mary Kate to thank. “I usually help with set up on Sunday mornings, putting up canopies, setting up tables and chairs, assisting vendors,” says Neil. “It’s fun and rewarding to be helpful, and I love being part of a team.” Mary Kate delights “in doing a little bit of manual labor as often as I can because it is such a departure from my regular Monday through Friday routine.”

The MFM staff are exceedingly grateful for these two all-stars. Neil has been an exceptionally dependable volunteer for two years, helping to train new volunteers and being especially adaptable and helpful to vendors. “I volunteer at the market because I want to support it and be part of a grassroots effort to make my community better. The MFM is an important piece of what makes the neighborhood special.” We are excited to have had Mary Kate join our volunteer set-up crew this year and love putting her chalk skills to use often. “I am new to the neighborhood,” she says, “and love being part of such a positive presence in our community. Local food for everyone is a cause near and dear to my heart.”

Join us in thanking Mary Kate and Neil for their hard work, dedication, and providing you a place to sit at the customer tents each week. Thank you, Mary Kate and Neil—your volunteerism is greatly appreciated!

We depend on volunteers each week to help with set up, tear down, info booth, and vendor support as well as to run special events such Taste of the Market. For more information on how you can volunteer (including joining the set-up crew!) visit http://www.montavillamarket.org/support/volunteer/.

Come Bien (Eat Well) - by Estafania Oliver

Come Bien (Eat Well) – by Estafania Oliver

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Come bien, siéntete mejor

El domingo pasado estuve en el Mercado Montavilla y creo, realmente, que es un buen plan para el fin de semana. Uno puede divertirse allí, los niños pueden pasar un buen rato y la gente sonríe, habla y comparte su experiencia.

Pero lo mejor de todo es que se puede comprar buena comida. Ese tipo de comida que te hace sentir bien… Porque es importante lo que comemos.

Compré algo de fruta y verdura por un buen precio. Y estaba sabrosa. Además, si tienes dudas sobre dónde comprar porque hay muchos puestos, los tenderos ofrecen alguno de sus productos a la gente para que los pruebe antes.

La fruta es dulce, colorida, madura… y es muy diferente a la de un supermercado donde no sabes quiénes están detrás de ese producto, cómo lo trabajan y cuánto ganan… La proximidad del producto es también importante.

¡Y otra cosa es que puedes comerte la fruta durante la semana siguiente y está buena todavía! A veces, cuando compras en un supermercado normal, tienes que comerte todos los productos lo antes posible si no los quieres acabar tirando a la basura… Se trata de la durabilidad de las cosas.

En el mercado Montavilla, la comida es buena, la gente que la produce es muy amable y ellos no necesitan poner ningún aditivo porque el producto es excelente. Normalmente, no es necesario añadir más cosas para hacer mejor lo que ya lo es.

¿No crees?


Eat well, feel better

Last Sunday I was at the Montavilla Farmers Market and I think it’s a really good weekend plan. You can enjoy yourself there, the children have a good time, and everybody is smiling, talking and sharing their experiences.

And the best part is that you can buy good food. The kind of food that makes you feel better, because what we eat is so important to our health. I bought some fruits and vegetables for a good price. And they were tasty!

If you have doubts about where to buy (there are lots of stands to go to!), some farmers give you the opportunity to taste the product before purchasing.

The fruit is sweet, colorful, ripe…and it’s different than buying in a normal supermarket where you don’t know who is behind that kind of product, how they work, or how much they earn. The proximity of the product is also important!

Another thing I learned is that the fruit at the farmers market is so fresh, it lasts longer, and will still taste great a week later. Sometimes at the normal supermarket you have to eat the products as soon as you can if you don’t want them to go bad. Market produce lasts much longer!

At the Montavilla Farmers Market, the food is good, the people who produce it are really nice, and they don’t have to put in any additives because the products are excellent. When food is already of good quality, it’s normally not necessary to add to it.

What do you think?