Seasonal Abundance

*Everyone* who gives in the final two days is eligible for great prizes!

*Everyone* who gives in the final two days is eligible for great prizes!

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With just two days to go, less than $800 stands between us and a fully funded Everybody Eats campaign!

Thank you! We’ve had an amazing response to our SNAP match fundraiser so far and we’re almost there! We’re closing in on our goal of $7,000—will you help us get over the top? $5 or $50—whatever you can spare will help neighborhood families eat local, healthy food from our beloved farmers market. Donate today!

Everyone who contributes between now and the end of the campaign on Sunday night will be entered into a raffle to win one of these fabulous gifts from our vendors:


  • A $100 gift certificate from Simplicity Gardens
  • A basket of goods from HerbN Tea including tea, a tea ball, and body spray
  • One dozen free-range eggs AND a package of nitrate-free bacon from Deck Family Farms
  • A package of salami from Olympia Provisions
  • A package of pepperoni from Olympia Provisions
  • A loaf of bread from Fire & Stone
  • A cup of kombucha from Lion Heart Kombucha

We’ll hold the drawing next Tuesday, August 25 and notify winners by email. Prizes will be redeemable at the market. Thank you so much for your support!

Give here today!

A Spicy Sunday Ferment - by Gretchan Jackson

A Spicy Sunday Ferment – by Gretchan Jackson

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Inspired by the gorgeous colors popping out from all directions at the market recently, we decided to do a simple ferment with some of jalapenos and banana peppers from Frog Meadow Farms.

We chopped up our peppers (some were very hot, so we seeded and cored those) then added carrots, cauliflower, and flat beans, tossed everything into a big jar covered with water & salt. You want to add enough salt to the water so that it tastes briney, like the ocean! You’ll need to make sure that the vegetables are completely submerged underneath the brine. You can place a small plate on top of the vegetables, with a heavy object like a clean river rock (which looks beautiful!) Then cover the vessel with a cloth and secure with a rubber band. When left out at room temperature, the fermentation process will begin!

The bright colors will fab a bit, but that just means that the process is working!

The bright colors will fad a bit, but that just means that the process is working! Photo by Rory Marion


As the process is underway, the bright colors will fade a bit, but that just means that it’s working! You may also notice a thin white film forming at the top. This is yeast, and, while not harmful, may affect the flavor & texture slightly. You can add more salt and agitate the vegetables to keep this at bay.  The veggies will start to crisp and pickle and in a couple days you’ll have a quick snack to enjoy (plus all of the health benefits that come from fermented foods!)

The longer you leave it at room temperature, the better the pickling, although eventually they will start to soften. Place in the fridge when it’s done to your liking. Yum!

Any questions? Feel free to contact Gretchan!