Role of the week: Vendor Support

Fiddlehead Farm, by Rebecca Andersson

Role of the week: Vendor Support

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Have you ever wondered how the market supports its vendors?

One way is by providing vendor support. Each market day, a volunteer walks around offering vendors water bottle refills and bathroom breaks. This is a particularly rewarding volunteer task because of how appreciative vendors are. It makes a real difference to many vendors, especially those working alone.

Vendor support takes less than an hour and can be done any time during the market that works for you.

No training is needed. Sign up on a per-week basis on our online sign up sheet.

Customer Counts

Customer Counts

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Did you know that MFM uses a Sample (aka Timed Entry) Count methodology to calculate attendance at the market? This is a popular counting method used at farmers markets across the country. For ten minutes of every hour, one person is stationed at each market entrance.  These volunteers use hand held clickers to count the number of customers who enter.  The numbers are then used to estimate the daily customer count. 

Have you been curious about volunteering but unsure where to start? If you are going to be at the market doing some shopping, consider volunteering for one (or more) of the customer counts.  It takes only ten minutes, and doesn’t require any lifting or physical effort.  It can even be done sitting down.

This is a simple and quick volunteer task that has great benefit to the success of the market. We need volunteers! Email volunteer[at] to sign up.