With Your Help, Everybody Eats Healthily!

With Your Help, Everybody Eats Healthily!

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Today we launched a very special fundraising campaign—and we’re asking for your help!

As you may know, the Montavilla Farmers Market offers a SNAP Matching Program for shoppers who use their Oregon Trail/EBT Card at the market. We match up to $10, which effectively doubles the amount of fresh, local, and healthy produce that our shoppers can buy.
We’re raising these funds so that we can continue the SNAP match all season long! This ensures our neighbors have access to a healthy diet, which in turn leads to a healthier, happier community all around.

Our goal is to raise $7,000 over the next 30 days and with a little help from YOU, we’re sure to meet our goal!

Every bit counts, so even if it’s only $5 or $10, you will be making a HUGE difference in the lives of your neighbors. By donating, sharing, and spreading the word, you are allowing the less fortunate in our community to eat locally, seasonally, and healthily.

Click here to donate now!

From the Recipe Box: Summer Sangria

From the Recipe Box: Summer Sangria

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Sangria from wine is pretty fantastic, but this is Portland, and I think it’s about time we mixed things up a bit, especially since the market will be treated to a visit from Reverend Nat’s Hard Cider this week. They will be featuring their Passion cider for us, and who can resist pairing that tart delight with sweet, purple plums and juicy blackberries? Not I.

32 oz Reverend Nat’s “The Passion” Hard Apple Cider
4 plums, halved
1 cup blackberries (or any berries)
2 oz spiced rum

Mix, pour over ice, and relax!  For an extra cool sangria experience, freeze the plums and berries first!

Thanks goes to MFM volunteer, Leslie Sullivan, for today’s recipe. Email Katie Snyder, MFM Volunteer Coordinator, to ask how you can begin volunteering with the market.