Seasonal Abundance

Our sixth season kicks off June 3rd!

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The highly anticipated Montavilla Farmers Market opens for the season on June 3rd! Bring your friends and family to pick up high quality local goods, to check out an engaging chef demo, and participate in a fun planting activity. It’s our 100th market – so we will be raffling off lots of prizes to commemorate the occasion!

The Montavilla Market will open at 10 am and run until 2 pm. Shoppers will find locally-grown and locally-produced food and farm products from 45 farmers and food producers. The abundance of produce will grow as the season progresses with the bounty of summer and fall local produce ripens.

“We are so thrilled and excited to open our doors this season. Our young market has grown so much over the years and we are ready to welcome old and new vendors and old and new customers. We have an exciting line-up of farmers and food producers this year and plenty of chef demos, fun activities and surprises in store throughout the 2012 season,” said Gretchan Jackson, Founder and Market Manager.

On opening day, the abundant produce will range from strawberries to sugar snap peas to arugula – all freshly harvested and locally grown. Montavilla Farmers Market food producers and prepared food vendors will also tempt shoppers with delectable baked goods, meats, eggs, cheeses and other specialty foods.

To celebrate Montavilla’s 100th market, we will have a planting activity in place called ‘Grow With Us’ for kids and for the kid at heart. The Grow With Us seed planting is an activity in understanding seasonality and sharing the experience of growing local food. It is also a metaphor for the Montavilla Farmers Market’s growth and continued role in community development in the neighborhood and surrounding areas.

The Grow With Us seed planting will also be available to community members visiting the Living La Vida Healthy Fair on June 2. This activity is possible due to generous donations from Naomi’s Organic Farm Supply, Oregon Tilth, and BiPartisan Café.

The Montavilla Farmers Market will also be hosting a raffle where participants can win $100 in tokens to the market, 100 pieces of market produce, and other fantastic prizes. And to keep with the celebratory nature of the day, the market will be giving out free cookies from Pastry Girl at 11:00 am and commemorative buttons throughout the day.

For a complete list of vendors participating in the Montavilla Farmers Market, please check out our opening day vendor lineup. See you on June 3rd!

Spring is here! Lend MFM a hand for our 2012 season.

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Spring is here! That means that the Montavilla Farmers Market (MFM) is cranking away to make sure the upcoming season will be bountiful and festive. It goes without saying that we are extremely fortunate to have this special, grassroots market here in Montavilla,which, we are unashamed to mention is on the forefront of sustainability, equity, and community development. However, this seasonal production requires time and energy to keep everything humming along seamlessly. If you value the role that the MFM plays in your community, please consider lending a hand. There are many ways to get involved and roles that fit a wide range of skills and time commitments. Here’s how you can lend a hand.

  • We are excited to announce the opening of two staff positions for this season: Financial Coordinator (FC) and Market Operations  Coordinator (MC). The FC will be responsible for helping out at the info booth, managing market sales, SNAP and debit purchases, and other off-site financial tasks. The MC will help orchestrate onsite activities, including managing volunteers and our famous Durable Dish program.Click here for more information on these positions.
  •  This year we are launching the Veggie Corps market volunteer program. As a structured, organized unit, we’ll be able to accomplish all market necessities in a fashion that doesn’t tax any single individual. Duties include setting up and tearing down the market, activity facilitation and assistance, people counting, and many others! Contact Taunia and let her know you’d like to get involved.
  • Want a bigger role in helping to shape the direction of the market? Well, we’re on the look out for a couple new board members. This working board is the driving force behind the market and gets together each month to hash out ways to continue to steer the MFM toward its mission to provide a vibrant marketplace where our diverse community has access to high quality, local healthy food. Does that resonate with you? If so, we’d love your help. Again, contact Taunia and let her know you’re interested.
  • Sponsor the market. What better way to show your support than making a donation to your community’s health? This will help ensure that Montavilla continues to develop a productive local economy, has an active social network, and abundance of local food options. It’s a critical role, and one that plays huge in the market’s ability to coordinate progressive programs. Please contact Laura and let her know that you are ready to sponsor the MFM!

The great programs and success our market boasts is directly related to the hard, thoughtful work done by our board, staff, volunteers, and sponsors. Everyone has a role to play and benefits to reap. It is what had made our market such a success and what will ensure that it provides for our community for many years to come. Please consider where you fit in, and contact us so we know your interests and intent.