Set-up and tear-down orientations this Sunday

Photo by Lisa Waters

Set-up and tear-down orientations this Sunday

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Set up / tear down orientations on Sunday!
Are you interested in helping with set up or tear down? Curious about what these shifts entail? Orientations for new set up and tear down volunteers will take place this Sunday at 9 AM and 2 PM.

The market couldn’t take place without set up and tear down volunteers. Each week a handful of volunteers bring the market to life on Sunday mornings by setting up tents, tables, signs, and water stations … and then a new handful of volunteers put it to bed after the market day finishes. You needn’t be super strong to lend a hand. There’s truth to the saying “many hands make light work.”

Come and learn about what these shifts entail. Email volunteer[at]montavillamarket to RSVP.

Vendor Voices: Baird Family Orchards

Baird Family Orchards, by Desiree Moore.

Vendor Voices: Baird Family Orchards

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I appreciate customers who are willing to show up to market and spend their hard-earned dollars to buy food for their families, even when the weather isn’t all that fun to be out in… I realize there are much more “comfortable” places to buy fruit and produce (i.e. a climate-controlled grocery store), but it is so gratifying to offer our fruit, fresh-pressed apple cider, and fruit preserves to customers who truly appreciate what they are buying, and the ingredients that go into it. What I’ve found is that those customers who make the commitment to show up to market and buy from Baird Family Orchards, regardless of weather or season, gain a better understanding of the ebb and flow of our fruit production and availability, as well as valuable insight into when the peak seasons are for our fruit and value added products.

This is what we do — grow fruit, and bring it to market to sell directly to those who purchase and consume it. We are at the market every week, and if there is ever a problem with quality, we are happy to make it right with our customers. Thanks to all our Montavilla Farmers Market customers who make this work for our family and yours.

~Chris Fulton, Baird Family Orchards