Meet the Board: Joe Connell

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Vice Chairman of the MFM Board of Directors, joe Connell

Vice Chairman of the MFM Board of Directors, joe Connell

Joe has been shopping with his wife Colleen at the market for the last 3 years. When he is not shopping for and cooking great food from as local a source as he can, he is working for Habitat for Humanity overseeing the metro areas Habitat ReStores. Joe has lived in the Kerns neighborhood for the last 9 years and before that was in Maine for 10 years. He grew up in New Jersey but left when he got his drivers license

December food drive at MFM!

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Sponsors Organized to Assist Refugees (SOAR) will be community tabling at MFM on December 21st to accept food donations for our community’s newest residents.


SOAR is a refugee resettlement agency located here in Portland. This past year they resettled 360 refugees from all over the world including: Somalia, Eritrea, Bhutan, Myanmar, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Ukraine, Cuba, Haiti, and more. SOAR provides a home when they arrive and helps them navigate their new life here in Portland for the first 8 months.

During the holiday season, SOAR will be giving a special welcome to refugee families by providing them with a basket of food from our local farmers. MFM customers are invited to participate in the food drive by buying food from vendors and donating it to SOAR, and vendors can participate if they like through after-market gleaning. This will get the whole community involved, and is a win-win by both directly supporting MFM’s farmers and SOAR.

Zoe Flanagan is a Program Assistant at SOAR, and also a long time volunteer at farmers markets in Portland. She’ll be staffing SOAR’s table at MFM on December 21st. She says that,

Working at the market over the years has shown me how food can bring people together. Farmers markets prove that food is a powerful medium for healing as well as community building. I believe it is because of my involvement in the market over the years that I have been taken by this idea of welcoming these new members of our community with a basket of fresh produce from our farmers and connecting them to the heart of Oregon.

Please consider buying an extra bunch of kale, bag of potatoes, or stalk of brussels sprouts on December 21st. You’ll double your support for your local farmer and SOAR will make sure your donations get to a neighbor in need, adorning their tables with nourishment and comfort.


Read more about SOAR at their website.

Click for more information about MFM’s community tabling program.


Costume Contest!

Costumed kids show us how it's done!

Costume Contest!

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Bring the family (and the family dog!) down to the market on Sunday for a fun-filled and festive Halloween Costume Contest! Costumed kids and dogs are invited to take part in the costume parade at noon to show off their cute or spooky costumes. At 12:15 the winners will be announced! We have special prizes for kids and dogs alike!

Expert knife sharpening by local blacksmith Arnon Kartmazov!

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arnonMontavilla’s own Arnon Kartmazov of Bridgetown Forge is back at the Market.

Here’s a few words from Arnon about his practices:

“Having lived and apprenticed in Japan for a long time, my attitude to knife-making and knife sharpening is somewhat different from that commonly found in the West nowadays, as what is considered “sharp” in Japan is an entirely different ballgame.  Japanese knife blades tend to be quite a bit harder and thinner then their Western counterparts, and consequently their steel, construction and geometry also sets them apart. This makes it necessary to have a different approach to sharpening a knife:  what a sushi chef finds acceptable is beyond running a steel rod on the edge, Arnon says.

To sharpen a knife properly, it’s first checked for straightness; any crookedness is corrected if possible. Next, wear on the blade is checked; if the knife has been sharpened a lot, it needs to be thinned out to restore its original geometry. This is done on a 3-foot diameter Japanese water stone, which allows for smooth, accurate grinding without heating the blade and damaging the temper. The knife is then polished on a sequence of polishing wheels and belts, and finally hand-honed on a Japanese water-stone to a true razor sharpness.”

Arnon will be at the market Sunday, October 19th to sharpen just about anything with a blade! Arnon may be able to sharpen while you wait at the market, but if demand is high, he might not have time to perform his artistry for everyone in the short 4 hours the market is open. Be prepared to leave your knives with Arnon, to be returned to the market the following week, where you can pick them up at the info tent.

To learn more about Arnon, see his website at

Sponsor in the Spotlight: Flying Pie Pizzeria

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Flying Pie is on the SE corner of 78th & Stark Street.

Flying Pie is on the SE corner of 78th & Stark Street.

This week we are so proud to shine the spotlight on one of our fantastic sponsors: Flying Pie Pizzeria! If you haven’t visited our neighbor down the street, you are in for a treat. They have been offering hand-tossed, loaded up, tasty pizzas made to order for over thirty years! The pizzeria is the perfect place to bring the family, sports team, or to meet with friends. Looking for a fun date night? Hop in for a hot pizza and never-ending salad bar, and try your hand at the variety of arcade games they offer! You’ll love the nostalgic feel of this Portland landmark! 

Flower Power!

Flower Power!

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Pick up your own bouquet on Sunday!

All of this extra warm (and gorgeous!) weather means that our flower vendors are still able to bring some of their most glorious bouquets yet to the market! You’ve seen them, but have you brought some home yet this season? Who doesn’t love a brightly colored bouquet in mom’s favorite vase? Flowers can cheer up a friend, liven up a dinner party, or simply say “I love you”. Treat a friend, a family member, or just yourself! Herr’s Family Farm and C Chang Farm will both be at the Market on Sunday, so be sure to slow down and smell the flowers!