Expert knife sharpening by local blacksmith Arnon Kartmazov!

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arnonMontavilla’s own Arnon Kartmazov of Bridgetown Forge is back at the Market.

Here’s a few words from Arnon about his practices:

“Having lived and apprenticed in Japan for a long time, my attitude to knife-making and knife sharpening is somewhat different from that commonly found in the West nowadays, as what is considered “sharp” in Japan is an entirely different ballgame.  Japanese knife blades tend to be quite a bit harder and thinner then their Western counterparts, and consequently their steel, construction and geometry also sets them apart. This makes it necessary to have a different approach to sharpening a knife:  what a sushi chef finds acceptable is beyond running a steel rod on the edge, Arnon says.

To sharpen a knife properly, it’s first checked for straightness; any crookedness is corrected if possible. Next, wear on the blade is checked; if the knife has been sharpened a lot, it needs to be thinned out to restore its original geometry. This is done on a 3-foot diameter Japanese water stone, which allows for smooth, accurate grinding without heating the blade and damaging the temper. The knife is then polished on a sequence of polishing wheels and belts, and finally hand-honed on a Japanese water-stone to a true razor sharpness.”

Arnon will be at the market Sunday, October 19th to sharpen just about anything with a blade! Arnon may be able to sharpen while you wait at the market, but if demand is high, he might not have time to perform his artistry for everyone in the short 4 hours the market is open. Be prepared to leave your knives with Arnon, to be returned to the market the following week, where you can pick them up at the info tent.

To learn more about Arnon, see his website at

Sponsor in the Spotlight: Flying Pie Pizzeria

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Flying Pie is on the SE corner of 78th & Stark Street.

Flying Pie is on the SE corner of 78th & Stark Street.

This week we are so proud to shine the spotlight on one of our fantastic sponsors: Flying Pie Pizzeria! If you haven’t visited our neighbor down the street, you are in for a treat. They have been offering hand-tossed, loaded up, tasty pizzas made to order for over thirty years! The pizzeria is the perfect place to bring the family, sports team, or to meet with friends. Looking for a fun date night? Hop in for a hot pizza and never-ending salad bar, and try your hand at the variety of arcade games they offer! You’ll love the nostalgic feel of this Portland landmark! 

Flower Power!

Flower Power!

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Pick up your own bouquet on Sunday!

All of this extra warm (and gorgeous!) weather means that our flower vendors are still able to bring some of their most glorious bouquets yet to the market! You’ve seen them, but have you brought some home yet this season? Who doesn’t love a brightly colored bouquet in mom’s favorite vase? Flowers can cheer up a friend, liven up a dinner party, or simply say “I love you”. Treat a friend, a family member, or just yourself! Herr’s Family Farm and C Chang Farm will both be at the Market on Sunday, so be sure to slow down and smell the flowers!

Sponsor in the Spotlight: Propel Studio

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A Northwest Modern Accessory Dwelling Unit.

Propel Studio is a community oriented architecture and development studio looking to work with creative, inspiring people and organizations. For them, clients do not simply signify an opportunity to make money. Rather, propel focuses on what they call the “triple bottom line”- environment, economics, and people – to create unique and inspiring solutions for each design challenge.

This Sunday Propel will be offering free design consultations for residential or commercial spaces. Come to the Montavilla Farmer’s Market from 10-2 on Sunday with your photos and drawings and experience their team in action as they create solutions for your design challenges. If you’ve been building a scrapbook of ideas for your dream home or business, Propel Design is here to help you take the first step towards making it a reality. 

Sponsor in the Spotlight: Montavilla United Methodist Church

Sponsor in the Spotlight: Montavilla United Methodist Church

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We are so proud to introduce one of our generous sponsors, Montavilla United Methodist Church. If you aren’t already familiar, the church is right in the heart of Montavilla, just blocks away from Stark Street, on 80th and Pine. The congregation is often found volunteering throughout the neighborhood. United Methodist Church is open to people of all walks of life, and aims to be inclusive to anyone who wishes to join in their worship. As they state, “We come to our church because our questions are respected, our insights encouraged, and our hunger for mission is shared. Members of our community, who include people of various ethnic groups, income levels, levels of ability, religious backgrounds, sexual orientations and gender identities, invite you to make this your home.”

Montavilla First Friday

Montavilla First Friday

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This Friday, August 1st, is First Friday on Stark Street! There will be music, art, food, shopping and lots to see! We will be there on 80th and Stark with a very exciting raffle prize and loads of Market info. We will also be handing out free samples of some tasty summer fruits from the Market! All of your favorite shops will be open with great deals, and there will be plenty of tasty food and drink to choose from. While you’re there, be sure to check out the Montavilla Food Co-Op’s Social at Beer Bunker! There you will be able to learn about the Co-Op and even become a member right then and there if you aren’t already.

See you on Stark Street!