Winter Stock-up: Sunday December 11th

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Our first Winter Stock-up Market of the year is coming up this Sunday, December 11th from 11am to 1pm.  These markets won’t have the bells and whistles of our regular markets, but are full of great winter produce and goods. We will still have the EBT/Debit Token program available, but none of the regular season’s chef demos, market merchandise, or community tables. Here’s the scoop on the vendors who will be at the market and what goods they’ll have on hand. Get your shopping baskets ready!


Produce & Fruit

Frog Meadow Farm

  • VEGETABLES: Potatoes, onions, leeks & squash
  • NUTS: Walnuts & hazelnuts

Kiyokawa Family Orchards

  • APPLES:  Ambrosia, Braeburn, Cameo, Crimson Crisp, Fuji, Gala, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Hanner, Honeycrisp, Jonagold, Lady, Mt. Rose, Mutsu, Newtown Pippin, Rome, Sekai Ichi, Sonata, Valstar & Winesap
  • PEARS: Asian – Olympic & Twentieth Century, Comice, D’Anjou – Red & Green, Packham Triumph & Taylor’s Gold

Val’s Veggies

  • SQUASH: Acorn – 5 varieties, Butternut, Buttercup, Blue Ballet, Banana – Pink, Blue & Candy Roaster, Hubbards – Blue, Red, Golden Delicious & Mini Blue, Bon Bon (buttercup variety), Boston Marrow (hubbard style), Crown, Delicata, Kabacha, Long of Naples, Potimarron, Queensland Blue, Red Kuri, Sucrine Du Berry, Sunshine, Sweet Dumpling, Sweet Mama, Sweet Meat, Triamble, Tromboncino
  • PUMPKIN: Big Moon, King of Mammoth, Nicaise
  • POTATOES: Red, Russet
  • EGGS: Chicken eggs (free range & non-GMO feed)
  • DRIED CORN: On the ear, for milling

Meat / Dairy

Alsea Acre Alpines

  • GOAT CHEESE: Feta, Chevre & Party in a Jar.
  • SPECIAL: Order 5 or more Party in a Jar in advance by email and get a 25% discount.

Columbia River Smoked Salmon

  • SALMON: Smoked – 1/2 lb. packages,  canned steel head – 16oz jars, smoked steelhead- 1/2 lb. packages, fresh chinook- vaccuum packed in 1lb. packages & fresh whole salmon on ice
  • VENISON: Smoked sausage

Deck Family Farm

  • BEEF: Certified Oregon Tilth Organic 100% Grass fed & finished – Roasts, stews, ribs, steaks, ground, deli meats, hot dogs, bratz
  • PORK: Pasture raised chops, ground, roasts, sausages, bacon, ribs
  • ROASTING HENS: Pasture Raised Roasters – 3-5 lb Cornish rock cross & stewing hens
  • LAMB: Spring raised on dedicated pastures no grass seed fields, no chemicals/sprays- loin chops, rib chops, ground, sausages, osso bucco & kabob
  • CHEVRON: Foraging Chevron sausages, ground, stew, kabob & leg roasts

Fairview Farm

  • PORK: Whey-fed – Sausage (bulk and links), chops & bacon
  • GOAT CHEESE: Farmhouse, Feta, Chevre & Skyr

Mickelberry Gardens

  • HONEY: Raw & local
  • HONEY THERAPY: Immunity Boosting, Throat & Cough, Relaxation, Ginseng & Allergy Support Elixirs, Honey Propolis Throat Spray, Propolis Tincture
  • SKIN: Skin Soothing Beeswax Salve, Happy Baby Beeswax Salve, Love Your Lips Beeswax Balm & the luxurious Honey Sugar Body Scrub
  • SPECIAL: Free wrapping in a pretty gift bag if you wish!


Food Lush PDX

  • CHEESECAKE: Eggnog, peppermint & leek with blue
  • SPECIAL: Taking special orders for a dozen 2″ cakes or single 8″ cake(s).

 Gabriel’s Bakery

  • BAKERY: Dozens of varieties of sliced breads and bagels, breakfast cakes & pastries, plus sweet treats

Missionary Chocolates

  • VEGAN CHOCOLATES: Seasonal selection

 Sweet Chaos

  • BROWNIES: Nutty Fig; Peppermint Joy; Spicy Chipotle & Mango; Toffeeasaurus Rex & POM Bliss
  • COOKIES: Triple Ginger, DIY (Decorate It Yourself – Holiday Style)
  • MINI CUPCAKES: Assorted


 King’s Raven Winery

  • WINE: Selection of season’s best reds, whites & perhaps rose

 Scoop Handmade Ice Cream

  • ICE CREAM: Pints of egg nog, peppermint stick, cinnamon, sweet potato pie, salted caramel, salted caramel stracciatella, Madagascar vanilla, maple walnut, triple threat ginger & more


Aunt Tammy’s Treats

  • DOG TREATS: Peanut Butter Hearts, Molasses Snaps & Banana Biscotti

 Fatdog Mustard

  • MUSTARD: The Original Sweet & Spicy

 Olympic Provisions

  • HOUSE PROCESSED PORK: Dry-cured salamis – all varieties, ham, bacon, kielbasa, hot dogs, pistachio pate, pork liver mousse & pork rillette

 The Hummus Stop

  • SPREADS & PITAS: Mediteranean spreads, fresh pitas & fried pita chips

Harvest Market Matching Program

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At our Harvest Market this Sunday, we will be offering up to $15  in matching tokens to shoppers using their EBT/Oregon Trail cards. We typically match up to $5 through our Everybody Eats program, but wanted to do more to help our friends and neighbors have access to fresh, local goods for their Thanksgiving table. This increased match is possible thanks to the success of our Harvest Dinner fundraiser in September, and the support of our Market community. To receive the matching tokens, visit our Info Booth with your Oregon Trail card at the Harvest Market on Sunday, November 20. (10 am – 2 pm).

MFM nominated for 2012 Local Hero Award

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Each year, Edible Portland recognizes Local Heroes that are outstanding supporters of our regional food community. The Montavilla Farmers Market is honored to be one of four finalists this year in the nonprofit category! Past winners include Oregon Food Bank and Growing Gardens. We feel privileged to be included in the company of these worthwhile organizations and the other 2012 nominees.

The Montavilla Farmers Market is rooted in the principles of equity and sustainability, and while still young and emerging, has launched a number of progressive, cutting-edge programs to further this cause. The following are some examples of programs which make our market special and worthy of recognition.

  • Durable Dish Program — All ready-to-eat vendors are provided (for free) with reusable dishware to cut down on waste generated at the MFM. Market volunteers wash dishes throughout the day to keep vendors well stocked.
  • Everybody Eats Program — Making local food accessible to a broader range of customers by matching the first $5 of SNAP (food stamps) purchases at the market each week.
  • Senior Food Delivery Program Pilot — An off shoot of Everybody Eats, this program is a partnership between the MFM, Multnomah County’s Aging and Disabilities Division, and the Loaves and Fishes Belmont Center. Each week program volunteers go to the Belmont Center and sign up seniors—who otherwise couldn’t access the MFM—for either a $2.50 or $5.00 produce bag. The market then matches senior’s purchases. Program volunteers shop for each of these seniors and the food is delivered to the Belmont Center for pick up.
  • Loaner Bag Program — MFM partners with local organizations to provide reusable bags to market shoppers for free!

We would be grateful if you would take a minute to visit the Edible Portland website and vote for us! Votes will be accepted until December 14.



Halloween Market Fun

Halloween Market Fun

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October 30, the last regular 2011 market day, will be filled with Halloween fun! Visitors, especially kids, are encouraged to wear costumes for our costume contest. They can make a treat bag at a craft station and then go “door to door” to the market vendors for treats. Businesses all along Stark Street will be welcoming trick-or-treaters as well from 11am-4pm.  And Jason McCammon will be back to do some Extreme Pumpkin Carving and Halloween-inspired cooking with the kids – it’s bound to be lots of fun!

After all the fun on Oct 30, the Montavilla Farmers Market will be back for our Thanksgiving Harvest Market on Sunday, November 20th. The market will be open from 10:00am-2:00pm and will feature an array of amazing seasonal produce for your Thanksgiving Tables. And be sure to visit our Winter Stock-up Markets on the second Sunday of December, January, and February from 11:00am to 1:00pm!


SNAP Matching Funds Extended

SNAP Matching Funds Extended

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We’re happy to announce the extension of our SNAP matching funds through the end of this season. The funds provide up to a five dollars match to shoppers who use their Oregon Trail EBT card at the market. The matching funds are possible through a grant from New Seasons, which typically run out by the middle of the season. This year is the first year we’ve been able to extend these funds through donations from our Everybody Eats program. This was made possible through our Harvest Dinner fundraiser and silent auction this year. Thanks to all of our community members and generous donors who’ve made this program possible.

2011/2012 Winter Stock-Up Markets

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The clouds are rolling in, the days are getting shorter, and the temperature is dropping. But never fear, the Montavilla Farmers Market will be on hand to help get you through the winter! We are once again extending our season with Winter Stock-up Markets. These are two-hour, farm and producer-direct markets without all the bells and whistles of our regular markets, but full of great winter produce and goods. We will still have the EBT/Debit Token program available, but none of the regular season’s chef demos, market merchandise, or community tables. You can expect to find what’s seasonal, local, fresh, and direct in a quick and easy one-stop shopping venue. Be sure to stop by and stock up on farm fresh eggs, cheeses, winter produce and fruits, storable crops and more.

We look forward to providing a winter venue to connect our vendors with the regular customers of the Montavilla Farmers Market, supporting pre-arranged sales, bulk buying, CSA pick-ups and regular monthly farm/producer deliveries to our site. The Markets will be held on the second Sundays of the month in December, January, and February from 11am-1pm on our market site (7600 block of SE Stark Street). Vendor applications are now being accepted through our website.  Sign up for our newsletter to receive reminders about each market including the lineup of vendors who will be there each month.