SNAP Matching Double Dollar Days

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For the month of August, we will be increasing our matching funds! SNAP shoppers can now receive up to $10 in matching funds each market. Thanks to the generous support of New Seasons Market, the Montavilla Farmers Market provides season-long matching funds up to $5 dollars to shoppers who use their Oregon Trail EBT card at the market. We’re doubling our contributions this August to $10 matching.  This helps your SNAP funds go further when you shop for fresh, local fruits and vegetables at the market. So be sure to come to the market in August to celebrate SNAP Double Dollar Days!

Meet the Board Treasurer!

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Mark joined the Board in 2013 as our Board Treasurer. He was born in Huston Texas, and has lived in Portland since 2006. Mark shops the market each Sunday, and has a particular love of Oregon’s perfect summer-ripened tomatoes. He works as a data & budget analyst for the Multnomah County Health Department. In addition to his work on the farmers market board, Mark is also a board member of Southeast Works – a non-profit in Southeast Portland that improves the local community’s access to good-paying jobs. Mark has been actively involved in Portland Rugby for many years, and is currently refereeing for local games. 

Meet the Board: Kelli Wolford

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Kelli with Ginger, Eliza, and Louise.

Kelli with Ginger, Eliza, and Louise.

Kelli grew up picking cherries and helping her mother can tomatoes on her family’s homestead in rural eastern Washington. Raised on venison and grouse, she was never a stranger to the true meaning of local and sustainable eating. She fondly remembers long summer days filled with stacking wood for winter and eating endless amounts of zucchini from the family garden. It was in this garden that Kelli first found her passion for growing things in the dirt.

Kelli also grew up with a strong connection to the ethics of hunting, fishing, and environmental conservation. Along with her family, she spent many years volunteering with the Inland Northwest Wildlife Council, a non-profit dedicated to the conservation of wildlife habitats. This experience left her with a true spirit of wonderment for the natural world, and a lively desire to continue the mission of following respectful and environmentally sound foodways.

She joined the market board in 2014 as our Marketing Chair, and is currently serves as the Board Treasurer. She and her husband, Larren, live in Montavilla, where they grow vegetables, run a small herbal apothecary, brew beer, and tend to their flock of backyard hens.

Kelli has been a solar energy professional for five years, and is currently working in SE Portland with Synchro Solar as their business and marketing director. She attended school at Eastern Washington University and holds a degree in philosophy. Kelli shops the market regularly, so be sure to wave hello when you see her!

Meet Erika Takeo, our Outreach Board Chair!

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Erika working the fields

Erika is thrilled to be a part of the Montavilla Farmers Market’s board of directors as Outreach Chair.  She enjoys building community partnerships and values making farmers markets as inclusive and accessible as possible, especially for low-income community members and for the variety of communities of color that live in and around Montavilla.  If you have any questions or would like to talk Outreach, please email Erika at grew up in the Hillsdale neighborhood of Portland, where her parents still live and keep backyard chickens, a small garden, and shop at the Hillsdale Farmers Market.  Erika became interested in sustainable agriculture and food justice as an undergraduate student at The College of Wooster, where she studied urban agriculture projects in Cleveland, Ohio and spent a summer interning with Adelante Mujeres in Forest Grove, Oregon.

Upon graduating, Erika moved to rural southern Oregon and participated in Rogue Farm Corps, a beginning farmer and rancher training program.  She learned a lot about farm business, seed saving, and rural life while working and living at Dancing Bear Farm.  In late 2013 Erika returned to Portland and spent a season working in the fields with Mercy Corps Northwest’s refugee gardening program and as a crew member with the Portland Farmers Market.

At the end of 2014, Erika began a Nonprofit Management graduate program at the University of Oregon.  She is learning valuable skills which she uses as a board member with MFM and which she hopes to use at food justice nonprofit organizations in the future.

Market cleanup day is May 4

Market cleanup day is May 4

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It’s finally almost time for the market to begin! Join us at the market site on Sunday, May 4, 10 a.m.-12 p.m. to pull some weeds, meet some of the 2014 MFM board members, and find out about volunteer opportunities in the upcoming season. We will also be raking gravel. Please bring your work gloves, water, pruners, weeding tools, rakes and compost bags to carry away anything that we pull (as our compost services don’t start until June). See you there!

In Memory of Volunteer Audrey Marshall

MFM “charter volunteer” Audrey Marshall spends a moment with Manager Gretchan Jackson. June 2nd, 2013. (Photo credit: David Ashton,

In Memory of Volunteer Audrey Marshall

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Audrey Marshall, a stalwart regular volunteer passed away the morning of April 19th.

One of the original founding volunteers, Audrey was a fixture every week at market. She could always be seen doing her hourly shopper counts, breaking down tents, visiting with vendors, sampling beer (her favorite) and shopping. Audrey came to the market in 2007 while recovering from open heart surgery. She volunteered with the market nearly every week over the past 7 years. As Market Manager, it has been a joy to share space with Audrey, watching the market community and its offerings contribute to her wellness and longevity. In late November 2013 Audrey was diagnosed with a brain tumor and waged a great battle which ended this past week. Audrey’s unforgettable spirit will be in our hearts this season.

-Gretchan Jackson
Market Manager