Using Debit & EBT Cards at the Market

Photo thanks to MFM volunteer, D.L.Reamer.

No cash? We take debit cards!

The Montavilla Farmers Market wants to make it easy for you to shop with us. If there’s no cash in your wallet, no need to find an ATM—just stop by our Information Booth and use your debit card to receive Market tokens in exchange. Then, use your tokens to purchase anything at the Market. The tokens never expire and you receive cash change from vendors if your purchase is less than your token amount.

Use your EBT card and double your money!

Your EBT (SNAP/food stamp) card is welcome at the market. And thanks to support from Farmers Market Fund and the Everybody Eats Program of Montavilla Farmers Market, we provide matching funds to all EBT shoppers. If you spend $10 in SNAP funds, you’ll get an extra $10 – FREE – that you can use to buy more produce.

Here’s how it works: Just visit the Information Booth to swipe your EBT card in exchange for tokens to use with our vendors. You can use your tokens to buy SNAP eligible foods like fruits, vegetables, meats, cheeses, nuts, eggs, bread, and edible plant starts. For every $2 of SNAP funds you choose to spend, you’ll get a match of up to $10 in Double Up Food Bucks that you can spend on fruits and vegetables. Double Up Food Bucks essentially doubles the purchasing power of your first $10. This helps your SNAP funds go further when you shop at the farmers market.

Need more information about Double Up Food Bucks and how they work? Click here for Food Bucks frequently asked questions.

In 2017, there will be more than 50 farmers markets across Oregon that accept Double Up Food Bucks. Find participating locations here.