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Vendor Voices: Mee Mee's Goodies

Vendor Voices: Mee Mee’s Goodies

09/18/2017  |  No Comments

Montavilla Farmers Market is an important part of my week. I have developed relationships with customers I see week after week, year after year, shopping with their families. This market feels like the heart of the community when I regularly... Read More

Vendor Voices: Sunrise Family Farm

Vendor Voices: Sunrise Family Farm

09/11/2017  |  No Comments

We love selling at the market and work hard to grow flowers and create beautiful arrangements. We listen to what the shoppers ask for and provide the best service. Our way of business is to treat customers how we would... Read More

Vendor Voices: Felton & Mary's Artisan Foods

Vendor Voices: Felton & Mary’s Artisan Foods

09/05/2017  |  No Comments

We love selling our BBQ sauces and Dry Rub to all who come each week to the Market. We love to hear the different ways you, our customers, used our products. Our children have gotten involved and they’re learning to... Read More

Vendor Voices: Red Bird Acres

Vendor Voices: Red Bird Acres

08/24/2017  |  No Comments

We’re really drawn to being at Montavilla Farmers Market because some of the best customers we’ve had are here. They’re looking for the quality and value that environmental stewardship, animal welfare, and human rights ensures. Market customers know that shopping... Read More

Vendor Voices: King's Raven Winery

Vendor Voices: King’s Raven Winery

08/17/2017  |  No Comments

We believe that Farmers Markets are a great platform for bringing together folks who eat food and those who grow it. They offer so many opportunities for connection to food and how it is grown. We really believe in transparency... Read More

Vendor Voices: Baird Family Orchards

Vendor Voices: Baird Family Orchards

08/08/2017  |  No Comments

I appreciate customers who are willing to show up to market and spend their hard-earned dollars to buy food for their families, even when the weather isn't all that fun to be out in... I realize there are much more... Read More