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Yes We Can!

Yes We Can!

08/31/2012  |  No Comments

This is my favorite time of year, for many reasons. The days are warm and long, but the nights are getting cooler. There's a change in the air, I can feel it. Summer is here, but not for long. But I'm... Read More

Market Chef : Julie Hasson

08/29/2012  |  No Comments

Julie Hasson's life in food was meant to be. As we learned when we checked in with her last year, she's had a rather varied path, but it's always been food-focused. From a super-successful French-inspired wholesale baking business in LA,... Read More

Inspiration for the lunchbox

Inspiration for the lunchbox

08/22/2012  |  2 Comments

August is slowly drawing to an end, to be followed by September and the day my oldest son heads off for his first day of kindergarten (yikes!). Besides gathering school supplies and cool weather clothing for this rite of passage,... Read More

Market Chef : Laura Widener

08/21/2012  |  No Comments

Up this week in the Chef Demo line-up, we've got a real Montavilla favorite ; Laura Widener! Or, as frequenters of her Stark St. pastry shop know her, Pastrygirl. Last year, she graced us with a dazzling demo that celebrated... Read More

Summer and Food Security In the Pacific Northwest

Summer and Food Security In the Pacific Northwest

08/15/2012  |  2 Comments

One of our customers told us that they heard a national news report proclaiming that summer was finally winding down. Those words struck me with surprise, as here in Western Oregon it feels like summer is just beginning in earnest.... Read More

Salmon Ceviche Tacos

08/14/2012  |  No Comments

Last week we were treated to a lunchtime demo by the talented Dax Erickson. Check out his recipe for Salmon Ceviche Tacos! Marinating the fish in lemon and lime juices "cooks" it while it sits in the fridge. Don't leave the... Read More