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Market Chef : Claudia Lucero

07/24/2012  |  5 Comments

While everyone I interview for the Market Chef series has something new and interesting to bring to the table, my conversation with Claudia Lucero wins the prize for flow, giggle, and overall bubblyness. She seems to strike that perfect balance... Read More

Community Tabling at the Market

Community Tabling at the Market

07/18/2012  |  No Comments

The Montavilla Farmers Market’s Community Tabling Program is designed to give non-profits and local community groups an opportunity to reach a broad audience while providing our diverse customer base with information about key programs and opportunities. The second Sunday in... Read More

Market Chef : Abby Fammartino

07/17/2012  |  No Comments

Upon first perusal, it can be hard to discern what exactly Abby's Table is, and though somewhat puzzled, I wasn't put off -- images on the screen slid by one by one, positively vibrating with brilliant colors and smiling faces.... Read More

Summer Raw Kale Salad with Vanilla Tahini Dressing and Peach Salsa

07/11/2012  |  No Comments

This recipe prepared by Andrea Nakayama last Sunday was sooooo delicious!!! Enjoy! Feel free to make one or all parts of this salad. The salsa alone is great on fish (especially fish tacos) or any other grilled meat. The salad is... Read More

Market Chef : Jason McCammon

07/10/2012  |  No Comments

We're pretty lucky to be deeply in the thick of summer, as there's no way local culinary instructor Jason McCammon would be able to do a demo during the school year. As the Culinary Arts instructor at Clackamas High School,... Read More

Roasted Raspberry Vanilla Coconut Popsicles

Roasted Raspberry Vanilla Coconut Popsicles

07/06/2012  |  No Comments

Every July, I get a little berry crazy. I mourn the loss of strawberries, but nothing gets me more excited than raspberries. They are my absolute favorite fruit and I manage to come home with pounds and pounds of them... Read More